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The Power of Investing

We strongly believe in the art of investing and with to help anyone get started. Time horizon is one of the most important factors that can multiply your money exponentially. Getting started early is extremely important and can be one of the best steps anyone can take to secure their financial future. Here is an infographic that illustrates just how powerful time can be.
power of investing line chart
By starting early, you automatically have an advantage. At Daedalus Investments, we don’t believe that investing is an exclusive art. Retail trading has increased to as much as 20% of all trading on the U.S. equity market and it is easier than ever to start investing. This course presents all the information needed for anyone to figure out what type of investor they are, plus the tools needed to get familiarized with each investing style. This course is meant to provide a stepping stone into potentially more education for those who wish and hopefully will kickstart anyone’s journey with investing!

Course Description

Investing 101 is suitable for anyone who has a keen interest in learning more about trading the financial markets. Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned trader. our courses and trading education materials offer an experience we hope will be beneficial for anyone willing to partake. Our videos are straightforward and give you the opportunity to learn to trade through methodical processes and will serve as the perfect introduction to being able to navigate the complex world of equities. Disclaimer: All costs go towards maintaining the domain and does not serve as direct profit for Daedalus Investments.

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