Targeting long-term growth by finding value in every market opportunity

Investment Objectives

We aim to achieve sustainable growth in equity markets through our unique approach to investing. Our process is hinged upon investing principles that have stood the test of time in combination with new technologies leveraging machine learning, big data, and algorithmic trading so we stay at the forefront of innovation and adaptiveness.
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Our Investment Approach

We invest across multitudes of different industries wherever we find value. We target companies with a strong history of cash flow, excellent profitability sustenance, stable balance sheets, and strong prospects for growth. By familiarizing ourselves with the business itself as if we were employees, we go beyond the realms of fundamental and technical analysis and invest in business we truly believe in. Our strategy at a glances leverages:

• Intensive due diligence
• Extensive public sentiment readings
• Heavy stochastic usage
• Active portfolio management
• Investment in derivatives for hedging and/or leveraged risk

Investment Process

First, we will speak to our clients to see if they have any specific values or other criteria that may need to be met while choosing stocks. After doing an initial stock screening, we will then train the model on a data set, modifying it depending on today’s sentiment gathered from multiple sources (Twitter, StockTwits, r/wallstreetbets). With this, an accurate representation of the stock’s future prospects can be seen. From here, heavy fundamental analysis is conducted to assess the companies’ financial strength, profitability, and valuation.


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investment Strategy

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